Positions for which applications are currently being invited:

  • Elementary teachers (grades 2-5)
  • Middle school teachers (grades 6-8)
  • High school teachers (grades 9-12; any subject specialty, though social studies / history is a particular need)
  • Trades / shop teachers (construction, cabinetry, mechanics, welding)

We would be grateful to welcome applications from competent, versatile, and dedicated teachers of any grade / age level, who also have a love for the truth which is according to godliness and who are members of the [Oud] Ger. Gem. [in Ned.].  All applicants must be eligible for Alberta certification.

Our mission statement

The mission of Calvin Christian School is “to provide Christian education through quality teaching and learning based on God’s Word.”


Questions may be directed to the principal, Marc Slingerland:

Applications should be emailed to: